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Alfco Farm Services were established in 1978, the company has traded successfully for many years and has also developed a retail outlet for the farm supplies and general hardware. In 1989 the company setup a sister company Alfco Engineering which has successfully developed a range of products including automatic Slurry Scrapers, Drafting Systems, Manager and Baling Systems.

Alfco Farm Services has also been involved in animal comfort for over thirty years and has become a leading supplier of both E.V.A and Rubber Matting. Check out our Cow Mats for cattle comfort. We have recently introduced a range of Gym Mats for the leisure industry.

Alfco offers a comprehensive service to all its customers, from the time initial contact is made until completion of a project.We  offer advice on planning and design and can over see a project from start to completion.

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Alfco values all its customers and offers ongoing customer support either by direct contact with our office or through our network of dealers throughout the country.

Alfco Engineering would like to introduce you to our fast, simple and efficient Drafting System. Cows can be safely and quickly sorted by the milking operator without leaving the pit. When the operator needs to draft a cow for A.I or any other treatment he/she can simple type in the cow’s tag number into the keypad or by putting the transponder onto the cow’s tail as she is being milked.

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Equimats non-porous, interlocking rubber matting will improve your horse’s health while reducing your cost and labour.  It is durable enough to withstand road nails, dense, yet light weight and econimical.

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Gym Mats

Our Gym Mats provide a safe and comfortable surface for excercise. Mats are available in a range of colours to suit your requirements.

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